Friday, 5 April 2013

On the Mat Day 358: Turtle Attacks

I paired up with Matt last night to do drilling and the move of the week which was still turtle
attacks. Always starting from the shin over his leg to stop him from re-guarding or granby rolling. We also did a technique where when a turtled opponent used the basic sweep of trapping the far arm and pulling you over, you can counter. It means you have to grab his closest arm and while being rolled you feed it to your legs to start the crucifix. You can then either finish by pushing his face with your forearm in the opposite direction of his trapped arm (like a face lock) and open out your outside knee to armbar. The other alternative is to go for a choke on the lapel but you need to change your legs so you can shrimp away and gain leverage with your should to push his chin onto his chest to finish. I enjoyed that part.

There were quite a few people last night and a guy (Takuo Miyata) who I haven't sparred with for about 3 years. I still have a chipped tooth and bad memories of bicep slicers from him but when I sparred with him he was very smooth, trying to flow. Totally different than what I expected. I can only think that when I was a white belt he either wanted to show how effective jiu-jitsu is or wanted to tap me for spazzing. Now that I'm purple belt he seemed to have some respect for the fact I'd stuck it out this far. it was a good roll. I got him in x-guard stand up sweep and he did something unexpected. His balance was good so he turned and jumped into a flying triangle - very smooth. My arm was trapped under him so he changed to omoplata, I tried to roll but he was too fast. I watched him spar with the others later and he is still as sharp as ever. Despite hardly training for 3 years he is still sharp. I think he is a natural at it. It's good that he's back because he is a good partner to spar with. Here he is wearing red on youtube in a pro match.

I concentrated on this months theme for me which is turtle defence and guard. It made it harder for me that we had just been shown numerous turtle attacks. I still swept a couple of people with the combination Caio Terra shows on Modern Jiu-jitsu. It's a work in progress though. At the end I asked Kusanagi to work a few variations of turtle sweeps with me. My ear is sore today, probably from the rubbing while I'm in turtle. I usually start the sparring match by shooting in for a low leg tackle not caring if they stuff it. I had a high rate of success with this tackle. Maybe I should try drop seionage and on failing work from turtle also.

Sparring time: 8 x 6 mins = 48 mins

My body definately operates better at Nonami compared to Tsurumai. Maybe the abundant space and natural air flow in the room. It's also not ungodly hot - yet.

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