Monday, 25 February 2013

On the Mat Day 345: Saturday Night Training

I don't often go to train on Saturday night because I prefer to chill out at home and train on Sunday morning instead. I'm glad I went at night though because there was a good number of people despite it being freezing cold on the mat. We even had a visitor from Taiwan BJJ, a guy called Thomas who told me he was originally from Singapore. I've sparred a couple of times with his instructor who is Makoto Ogasawara, who himself is a really nice guy. Thomas told me that on a good night they get about 40 students at the club! 20 on slow nights. That would be amazing to have so many people to spar with in a night. I suppose that if our club only trained say 3 nights per week and everyone came, we could field those kind of numbers.

After I got home, as always I watch Youtube and plough my BJJ DVDs to see if there is an answer to any problems I might have had during training or even to look up a technique that was used on me. While looking at Youtube I uncovered this gem. If you've seen Rener Gracie talk about anything on his videos, you will find this hilarious. The same guy has made some extremely funny cartoons about Nick and Nate Diaz as well.

Sparring time: 8.5 x 6 mins = 51 mins (The half was 3 mins with kouta-kun a young kid who comes with his dad)

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