Monday, 28 January 2013

On the Mat Day 338: Hiza Guruma

After Kondo showed me Hiza Guruma on Thursday I've been thinking a lot about it and just going around the house doing the movement just to get my body used to it. It probably looks weird like a guy playing golf at the train platform or something. I tried it on a white belt (who is also brown belt in judo) during training yesterday and it worked twice, but one time I failed to get it and was too slow to follow up with the combination. It really is an excellent throw and easy to learn. The key as far as I can tell is to get enough leverage on the elbow and lift it to take him off balance.

I also wore my new Tatami Estilo 3 kimono yesterday. I bought a black one because my old Vulkan black gi is worn as hell.

Sparring time: 5 x 6 mins = 30 mins

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