Saturday, 6 October 2012

On the Mat Day 308: S-mount Transitions

Last night we studied mount attacks. When the opponent mainly shrimps to one side and then you take the S-mount. The main attacks were the bow and arrow choke, armbar and lastly an ezekiel choke. This is how it went in logical format.

Opponent's top arm is open = armbar
His top arm is protected but the closest collar is not = bow and arrow choke
He is defending both the above by crossing his arms across his throat = seatbelt clutch grip over his arms, pull to back then ezekiel.

Of important note was the movement of the foot placed against his back when going for armbar. It must be flush against his back in this case. However, if I go for a bow and arrow choke the foot must swivel out and away from his body then post to make room for my leg to come over his shoulder.

Sparring was fun even if I was a little tired due to Tapout XT. A young kid came back to class after not training for about 3 years. Obviously with a judo background, he got me down with osoto gari then I mostly just played with him on the ground. After that I knew he had a judo base so was more careful when we stood up. Guys who do judo always have a good awareness of where they are and are good at turning in the right direction. He was a little rough at first until he tired out, he went for grips like he wanted to punch me during stand up and on the ground he grabbed everything like crazy.

I took about 20-30 mins at the end of class to practice Hikkoki-nage, seio-nage and a couple of other take downs with Akira then messed around on the balance ball. A good night.

Sparring time: 7 x 6 mins = 42 mins

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