Saturday, 22 September 2012

On the Mat Day 304: Versus Strong Guy

I had a weird headache before class and felt like I had a fever. I checked my temperature and it was ok. I put it down to just being worn out by work because things have been really hectic. I went to training and actually feel fine today. It seems a good nights rest did the trick.

A new white belt turned up at the gym, Mizuno. He was about 10 kg more than me and a couple of years older. Seems like a nice guy and showed some interest in the UK. Apparently, he played Rugby. I watched him during sparring with Yuuki-san, who is a strong top player blue belt. Both were going at it like crazy and the new guy did really well. I was curious to see what would happen when I sparred with him. Rugby guys are good at tackling and mean in a scuffle so I pulled open guard with one foot on the hip and let him tire himself out. He came at me quite well and with good balance but only ever got to half-guard with me. He was easy to put back into full guard and to sweep from there.

I'm listening to people's breathing patterns during sparring recently. If they are panting like crazy, it means I am doing a good job. The new guy was, and he was tiring fast, using too much strength the entire time. For example, hugging my head like crazy while in my closed guard or hugging me while I'm in mount. I let him tire his arms out and then made my move when he released. It's interesting to see untrained people just tire themselves out with very little effort from me. I have really learned how to relax when someone is holding me tight, put feelers out for what kind of sweep or escape I can do.

Because my competition is tomorrow I have just been chilling out today. I just woke from an hours sleep after taking the kids to grape picking. I feel good about tomorrow. I have trained my cardio hard for the last 2 months using Tapout XT and been to BJJ regularly. If I win - great. If I lose - I see it as an opportunity to take a look at something I need to work on. All I need to do tomorrow is control my emotions and be first.

Sparring time: 6 x 6 mins = 36 mins

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