Wednesday, 12 September 2012

On the Mat Day 301: Busy Night

F-sensei couldn't teach the class because he has hurt his back. That meant Tsurumai class was postponed so everyone who usually goes there went to the main dojo. There were a lot of people. Probably the most I've ever seen in that room at once. It was a really good feeling to see the attendance grow so strong. When I started there were just a handful. I think our dojo is going to grow bigger and better and I'm glad to be a part of that.

I'm still working through week 9 of Tapout XT as well as doing BJJ. I think I am coming up for a much needed rest from working out. I need a holiday or something. I talked to the wife about going to Okinawa, since I've always wanted to go because of my karate roots. I may even visit a BJJ gym when I am there.

Sparring: 8 x 5 mins = 40 mins

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