Monday, 2 July 2012

TapOut XT Day 1: Cross Core Combat

Recently I have not been feeling as fit and strong as I would like to be. When this feeling creeps in, I usually hit the P90X DVDs for 3 months and get back into shape. The last time I did this for the full 90 days was before starting BJJ nearly 3 years ago. Since then BJJ has kept me in shape but I still feel like I lack a certain something in the cardio and strength department. I was tempted to jump into P90X2 and see what it's like but instead opted for something with a martial arts focus (and something perhaps a little easier). This is where the Tapout XT program comes into it.

I woke up at 6 am this morning having slept at 11.30 pm. This is something I have to improve if I plan to go the whole course. My body will break down with not enough sleep. I fed the workout through my tablet computer and wired it up to some speakers, put on some shorts and got to it. It was suprisingly easier than I thought but that might be because it was focusing on abs, something which is not a problem for me doing BJJ. The time went quite fast but this may be due the fact that it's a new workout for me and my interest is high right now. Some of the moves were also similar to Gymnastica Naturale, such as the twists on all fours (did he call them Hellcats?). There were also many moves and names similar to P90X (Superman, banana) but overall the feeling was different to the Beachbody stuff and there was very little chit-chat or breaks. Unfortunately I had to end the session with 8 minutes remaining as my 2nd alarm clock went off and locked up my tablet computer plus I had to head out to work.

I feel the benefits already. Getting up early and forcing my muscles, ligaments and gooey stuff to warm up has left me with very few aches this morning at work. I look forward to the next workout and hope that it will have a positive effect on my BJJ.

btw: Not a Tapout fan by any means but I do enjoy a good mma fight with some BJJ.

Workout: Cross Core Combat
Type: Focused Abs, small cardio effect, little muscular fatigue
Time: Around 45 minutes
Tools: Resistance band


  1. I started this yesterday. I'm not fit at all, so getting through just 15 minutes of this was difficult. I'm not sure what to think of it, yet. You're right, it does work the core a lot, and that's one of my weakest points, so the going's going to be tough.

  2. First thing, good luck on your journey to getting in top condition. Just keep pushing play. If you need to take breaks, don't sweat it. I have about 1 week to complete and feel lots of benefits in terms of energy and stamina. I can hang at jiu-jitsu with 20-somethings and still have some gas left in the tank.