Wednesday, 9 May 2012

On the Mat Day 261: Darce Chokes

Last night F-sensei showed us some Darce chokes. I think he has recently bought the Darcepedia by Jeff Glover and is showing us what he has learnt. I get the impression that the lesson was not just us learning the techniques but also as a review for himself. He is very good at the choke though. Tete-kun who is a brown belt is also very knowledgable with it. I would still prefer more structure to our class than a random technique of the week although it was refreshing to learn something different.

So what do I mean by "more structure"? Well, as a white belt I would have preferred the first couple of months to be something like the Gracie Combatives, an introduction into the self-defence aspect of BJJ. Afterall that's what it's original purpose was. Then after getting used to the whole environment I would have liked to drill escapes more than anything. Now that I am working towards my purple I would like to see classes that focus on combinations. What I would love to see more than anything is a mix of classes; self-defence, nogi, throws and takedown class with standup sparring only, defence vs someone punching you with heavy gloves as army combatives do. I know for a fact that a different mix of classes like this would help retain students interest. That's not to say that I am losing interest in BJJ, I'm not. I love the complexity of it. Just, the problem I have is the way it is taught right now forces you to engage in the competition aspect. I really did BJJ for self-defence and could probably handle myself well in such a situation but the fact that many of the moves are sports orientated is always in the back of my mind causing doubts to linger there.

So back to the class. There were about 10 of us turned up. Many white belts. I had some great sparring rounds. I moved fairly well considering how fatigued I am after a week of painting and decorating my house. I admire any guys who work under a trade skill and then goes to train in BJJ after a hard days work. I'm lucky enough to sit at a desk all day which requires litttle to no energy. Painting a house was tough I can tell you. I have started working a combination of kouchi gari then drop seionage. It seems to work so far and I pulled it off about 3 times last night. There were many times in which I allowed white belts to easily pass my guard so I can work escapes. There were even times the pass was there for the taking and they just did not take it. Eventually I just lay down on my side to allow side control because it was so hard for them to get me there despite me openly allowing it. I dunno why it was weird. It's like it was too easy for them so they didn't take it.

Sparring time: 8 x 6 mins = 48 mins

Notable moments: Moving to triangle from failed armbars. Inverted guard to triangle. Seionage! A hybrid butterfly/scissor sweep that made the opponent go whoosh. Dirty wrist locks from mount or side control.

Desire to train: ☆☆
Endorphin level after training: ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆

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