Sunday, 15 April 2012

On the Mat Day 256: Falling in Love with Judo

I think today's lesson was done specifically with me in mind. Recently I have shown a lot of interest in seio-nage and that was exactly what today's lesson was about. We actually did drop seio-nage and progressed to hikkoki-nage which you can do in combination if the first throw fails or even feint seio-nage and then move to hikkoki-nage. Anway, I think I have fallen in love with seio-nage because it just feels great drilling it. It's such a great throw in that it feels effortless if you get it right and looks amazing. It's definately a crowd pleaser.

Drilling the entry with bands is helping me a lot. Also, after class was done I stayed on an hour to practice seio-nage, hikkoki-nage and ude-gaeshi. I think my progression with these 3 throws may improve fast because I rank myself as a beginner with them and beginners always improve fast. I am in a slump with ground techniques and passing right now. I can't get any good techniques going as of late. So I am concentrating on stand up to perhaps trigger something in my jiu-jitsu that will bring about an overall improvement.

There were a lot of members today. The mats were warm and I drank a ton of water. Lots of people stayed on at the end. Tsuzuki came to weight train because his ear has flared up. Mine has also. My right ear is swollen a bit which is unusual because until now it has always been the left side since I am left handed and usually lead with that shoulder.

Sparring time: 7 x 6 mins = 42 mins

Notable moments: Getting a nice triangle submission but I still need to take action when being stacked. Drop seio-nage on another blue belt.


  1. I would really like to learn some judo but my gym is BJJ only. When I go to competitions I am afraid that I will go against someone who knows a lot of judo and I will have no defense to their throws.

  2. I was the same until I realized I had the resources around me. A white belt at our school is a 3rd dan judo black belt, another guy is an ex-sumo wrestler. Those 2 guys are my go to people when I want to drill takedowns.