Friday, 16 March 2012

On the Mat Day 245: Forearm Slicer and Wrist Lock

I took along my Asus eepad last night to class because I wanted to record a couple of techniques that I am really interested in. On Tuesday, F-sensei showed us a wristlock and a forearm slicer from side control. I love these sort of dirty little moves that nobody expects so decided to have a go at getting them down. They were quite confusing for me at first but after recording them on my pad I now have something to go back to review. The wristlock can be applied from blue belts and above while the forearm slicer can be used from brown belt. This is of course is for tournaments. During class I am free to try them. The reason I am particularly interested in them is because when I first started, a brown belt would use them on me and they hurt like hell.

Here they are in full colour:

I had a few good rounds of sparring. At one point I butted heads with Tete as he and I both moved in to shoot for a single leg. That is the first time this has happened to me. I found myself fighting for grips a lot more, working to strip their grips, and always attempting to maintain 3 points of contact when in open guard. I got a good flower sweep on K-sensei and did well to maintain mount although my submission ability from mount is poor, another hole to work on in the future. I was also looking for buttefly sweeps on Fuji-san who usually comes forward on his knees. I failed many times but eventually got an arm/collar sweep which ended me in knee on the belly. I am really trying to relax while on top so that gravity can help me hold them down. My escapes were poor as usual. I keep attempting either the bridge to knee in escape from side control or to grab their leg with my own leg for half-guard. I need to also work on north south escapes. After obtaining over hooks I should roll back to take their back but always forget to try that.

Sparring time: 6 x 6 mins = 36 mins (Would have liked to do more)

Notable meetings: Success with butterfly and flower sweep.

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