Saturday, 24 December 2011

On the Mat Day 219: Last Training of 2011

Thursday night again. Back at Tsurumai dojo. I expected a lot of folks to turn up because Friday was the Emperor's birthday and therefore a national holiday. Only Fuji-san and I turned up for drills but later a lot of people came. 2 brown and 1 purple belt. Got my arse handed to me lots of times and felt like a newb again but it's all good. I try my best to get my techniques out, fail, but I learn from those failures. It's all fun and games and I am not going to dwell on my shortcomings any more with BJJ. I enjoy it full stop and cannot imagine how boring my life was without it.

I procured a copy of P90X2 yesterday. Looks interesting but there are some long workouts (60 minutes). I think it will be the thing to kick start 2012 for me. I need to get fit and strong again. My 40th birthday will be next year in April so it may be a good goal to get in tip top condition before that dreaded figure arrives!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all those BJJ folks out there any anyone who takes precious time out of the day to read my ramblings. Have fun, be good and don't stop training.

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