Saturday, 26 November 2011

On the Mat Day 211: Pulling to Guard

I've been absent from training for over a week. Seems that I am not the only one. Kato-san came later on and mentioned that he had also been busy. It was good to get back into it but I feel drained and weak after recovering from this cold.

We started off bringing the opponent to guard, then transitioning that to tripod sweeps, lumberjack sweeps and moving to x-guard. I like this lesson because I use the moves a lot or I gravitate towards them if I don't feel comfortable on my feet against a judo-based opponent.

The mat was freezing cold so all of us wore socks. No one seems to want to leave the heated carpet at the end of the room.It reminds me of one of those spartan muscle gyms where your fingers stick to the frozen metal of the barbells.

Sparring was ok. I am having a hard time holding down the smaller guys still. It just shows me that I have too many gaps in my pressure from top. During one sparring session I gained side mount and the white belt I was sparring with held me back enough to bring his legs over my head to trap it and one arm. He just kept crushing me with his legs but it was no choke so I just waited for his legs to tire and then broke the hold. I could feel the bones of my head and neck clicking together from the pressure. I have to be wary of this. Perhaps keep the far leg close to me and bot let it ride over my head. I actually used a lapel sweep on F-sensei to take mount then triangle which I could not finish. I constantly fail to finish from good positions which annoys me. I am probably not tenacious enough.

At the final sparring session I heard Tsuzuki-san cry out in pain. He had bent back his little finger on his right hand during a sweep. Probably broke it. That was just another reminder to take it easy because it is so easy to get injured in this cold weather we have now.

On a different note. The nurse at work went over my health check results. Apparently I have a high LDL cholestorol rating, 137, my total is 201, with HDL at 58. This is not good. I have not been eating well. Too much crap. I knew it was coming. In fact, I am glad I've had a kick up the arse because now I need to get my shit together and move to a healthier lifestyle again. I have about 6 months or so until the next checkup and I plan to have a better result.

Sparring time: 6 x 6 mins = 36 mins

Notable moments: Close triangle on my instructor

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