Wednesday, 22 June 2011

On the Mat Day 168: Escapes

Tuesday seems a popular night because there were about 8 of us there. This is officially the first time I have been taught side escapes. We are mostly taught passes which pisses me off actually. It's quite bad that side escapes, being the most prevalent position to be caught in, are taught so little. I have mostly had to surive with tidbits I have picked up here and there. The scarf hold escapes I basically know. It was good to drill them but it was one of those nights where I felt really clumsy and uncoordinated.

For sparring I am mostly doing drop to collar/sleeve grip on the same side and work for either a triangle or a tripod sweep. This is working well as long as I keep moving my free foot. I wish I would try to get to sit up guard for sweeps. I caught a white belt with the roll back sweep from half-guard. It worked really well and I am improving with it. I am noticing how white belts grip me like crazy and are paranoid at any grips that I attempt to get on their gi. One of the guys had a death grip at the end which did not improve my position but kept me from attempting a submission from side control. I really hope I don't do anything like this. I need to work on escapes from a bad spot and not death grip preservation. I think I do it when rear mounted and I bring the arm in and look at their elbow. I'm not going anywhere but am relatively safe here. I should go for the back more, too. It really doesn't enter my mind. All I think of is half or closed guard right now. There are probably many missed opportunities I miss to take the back.
I went without ear protectors tonight and even though my ear looked flat and healthy it has flared up again. Note to self, even if a swollen ear has gone down continue to wear protectors for a couple of weeks. I'm back on the ice.

Competition is in 3 weeks. There are 10 of us so far entering which is great. The more the merrier in my opinion. I hope I don't totaly flop but I am going to have a good time eating the Brazilian type foodstuff they have on offer. I enjoyed it a lot last time.

Sparring time: 6 x 6 mins = 36 mins

For some reason I was exhausted by the end. So were the others so it must be the heat.

Practices x-guard with Akira at the end and recapped on the escapes.

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