Saturday, 18 June 2011

On the Mat Day 167: X-Guard Passing

Quite a few people turned up last night and by the end of the lesson they all looked exhausted. Everyone was sweating buckets because of the humidity. The thing is, it is about to get so much worse as we head into July.

I actually sparred the most ever. At one point I could see flashes in front of my eyes probably from being totally spent but still going on. Despite that sparring was great, I almost swept two other blue belts with the Shaolin sweep from half guard. I got both of them over and flipped but they were able to resist or I didn't push enough or get the timing right to come up on top. From half-guard I mostly use this sweep and the spider guard sweep if the opponent brings his arm into the crook of my knee.

Sparring time: 9 x 6 mins (give or take a late start because of putting ear guards on)
54 mins

I also put my name down for a competition on July 10th. My 3rd competition so far in my nearly 2 years of BJJ. What can I say. Approaching 40 with 3 kids and a wife who likes to say "No" I have a hard time getting time off for competitions.

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