Saturday, 11 June 2011

On the Mat Day 164: Closed Guard from Standing

I just finished 30 minutes of yoga. It's been a while and my central nervous system was screaming at me to do it. I feel so much better. I've been a little stiff most of the day from training last night. Another humid, sweaty night where every other minute people were constantly reminding me of the heat as they hissed "atsui" (it's hot). The Japanese summers drain the energy from me but I still soldier on through it. Luckily Akira turned up last night and so I asked him to stay on for a little to practice a few things I'd wanted to try.

K-sensei, back from Mundials in US where he lost in the first round to the runner up of his group, showed us how to bring the opponent down with you from standing and either pull him to closed guard or triangle. I was ok at this because it was really basic. Sometimes though the length of my legs frustrate me when we do triangles. They don't seem to have the reach. This is especially true when I try to de la Riva to the back and use my leg in between the opponents.

Sparring was good although I got crushed again by the big purple belt. He rubbed the crap out of my ear which was already swollen as he passed my half guard. I got home at night and was shocked to see the back of my ear was red raw from the blood stuck between the skin. Nice cauliflower ear coming soon.

With Akira I did the following at the end:
Single leg takedown
Turtle escapes and sweeps
Open sitting guard with 2 legs wrapped around 1 leg of standing opponent then sweep

Also tried hip bump to omoplata from closed guard and it feels surprisingly smooth. I expected to make a mess of it.

Kondo-san caught me in a standing guillotine and I did it again on purpose to see how to escape it. Couldn't even though I knew a technique to get me out of it. I need to practice this again because I never want some street thug choking me out like that after watching UFC. The shame of it would kill me.

Sparring time: 7 x 6 mins = 42 mins

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