Sunday, 15 May 2011

On the Mat Day 156: Flower Sweep

Friday night was a great lesson. I think the shitty times balance out with great ones like I had on Friday night. We started work on flower sweep variations from a pistol grip in full guard. Variations were the opponent posting his leg or not allowing the underhook on his far leg. We also did one that ended with a starfish sweep. I dunno if that is the right name of the sweep but one of the guys in class was calling it that in Japanese.

Sparring was good too. I finally had in my head the idea to use strength only when really needed. This got me a kimura on Kondo-san after I had just slipped out of his armbar attempt and reversed. I told myself to also try new stuff and not worry about getting into a bad position. I went for a twister side control on Kamiya-san because he was holding me off from turning into him for standard side control. I think I rolled the wrong way because he caught my arm and then later got a kimura on me. I asked K-sensei to show me the setup later and now know it.

There were 2 big judo guys who are both higher belts than me. I almost got an O-goshi throw on one of them but he reversed it and threw me. Hey, you only improve by trying, is my motto from now. Later I asked him to do some uchikomi for it with me. It helped a lot. Also, in my quest to improve takedown I threw a white belt with an seionage to the knees. I was sort of shocked it worked and was slow to move over him. If he had been a higher belt he would no doubt have recovered to guard. I'll keep trying it.

Sparring time: 6 x 6 mins = 36 mins

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