Saturday, 7 May 2011

On the Mat Day 153: Armbar

Friday night is always quiet but it gives me time to ask K-sensei questions I have on my mind concerning certain techniques or his input on how I feel about BJJ. He's not often forthcoming on feedback on my thoughts about various topics from how often to train, extra work outs and injuries etc but he doesn't hesitate to show me a move I am interested in. He is going to the mundials again soon. I asked him if he was doing any weight training or extra activity to support his BJJ and he said no. Although, he is a great BJJ guy and has some amazing skills I can see he could be even more a force to be reckoned with if he lifted some weights or seriously pushed himself to physical peak. His flexibility is just crazy and it always feels like I am fighting with an octopus when we spar. Extra training is one of my shortcomings too. The last year has been hectic for me. Now that summer is almost here I am working hard to get back some cardio and strength. The last few days I have been doing shuttle runs in the park on the steps which I admit hurt me a lot but really mimic the stops and starts of a BJJ sparring match. Maybe because of the runs I felt like I had a lot more gas last night at class. I also see new members coming in at white belt and they are strong young men. It pushes me to work at myself so these new guys don't give me a hard time.

Last night I sparred with K-sensei and Hibino-kun who is a 25 year old with good upper body strength. He grips like crazy all the time but he is damn strong. A couple of times he passed my guard into side control and just lay there. Each time I waited leaving no openings and then moved back to closed guard or half-guard once he gave space. I'm not sure if this is the best thing to do. Should I work on escapes while he is holding me judo fashion or wait for an opening. I can see from a competition point of view if you are short on time and points you want to work the escape but in a real sitution isn't it best to let wait and when the go for punches or move then take that time to move to a better position.

Anyway, I enjoyed the night. Notable moves were a couple of omoplata's, a weak darce choke, weak triangle, good reverse step out to the side to pass the guard by me. Oh and a decent single leg which I am working on this month.

Sparring time: 6 x 7 mins = 42 mins

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