Monday, 4 April 2011

On the Mat Day 146: Sumi Nage, Tani Otoshi

A little belated write up but Friday's lesson was another good one. Again only me and Akira plus a young kid who has been a white belt for a long time. He rarely comes and is very tentative when sparring. I just kept letting him do whatever he liked when sparring, only escaping or resisting when in danger. Akira was on form, he told me he had 11 lessons last month. This was prompted because I told him that I kept a log of my BJJ lessons and asked him how many he had had to date. He didn't know. He has 6 months on me and is really good now at escaping side control by hooking the leg.

The techniques of the day were enjoyable too. Sumi gaeshi and Tani-otoshi, both of which I am familiar with. There were variations on them shown which I appreciated.

Towards the end a heavy brown belt came to spar. He just smothers me and Akira with his weight, plays top heavy and is a strong judoka. It really is hard to escape him.I did get the tripod sweep on him and an ankle grab sweep. I am getting good at those, almost instinctually I go for them when in the right position. I am also keeping hold of the leg and using a tactical stand so they can't get up. Something I am doing naturally now.

I still have wrist pain and small toe pain - I don't think they will ever heal.

Sparring time: 7 x 6 mins = 42 mins

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