Sunday, 6 March 2011

P90X Day 6: Plyometrics & AbRipper X

Now this was a good workout. Definately something that is gonna improve my cardio for the mats. I know that tomorrow my legs will be sore.

Stats for workout are:

Avg heart rate: 140
Calorie burn: 525
Total time: 51 min
In zone time: 39 min

I did not do the bonus at the end as you can see from the total time. I hate that baseball, basketball crap Tony makes you do. I just stopped the tape and went on to Abripper.

Just some notes on the Plyo video that have always bugged me. Tony asks Pam if she is gonna do the next exercise a certain way and she replies "Absolutely" then Tony says the exact same word with what in my opinion is a black guy's accent. It has always niggled at me why the hell he did that. Then he makes another guff by saying to change the legs for the stretch because "We have 2 legs" when a one-legged guy with a prosthetic is standing next to him. I mean duh?! He has to be the king of guffs.

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