Monday, 24 January 2011

On the Mat Day 130: Single Leg Takedown

Ah Sunday morning. You can't get a better time to train. The roads are quiet and the mat is at least a little warm. There was a white belt and Tsuzuki-san who is recovering from his knee injury. We drilled single leg takedown and worked on variations based on what the opponent does. I partnered with Tsuzuki who is a really strong purple belt and the same weight as me but feels much heavier during sparring. He's a copper so that explains why he likes to keep it real.

Sparring was short but I enjoyed it. I'm getting a little better vs purple belt but it still feels like I am a beginner next to him. It is easy for me to dominate white belts now but I usually don't have that in mind. They just seem to flop into positions where you can smother them or submit them. I know I am no better against the higher belts. I almost caught F-sensei in an armbar from north-south, something which I am proficient at. I know he takes it easy on me but it is really rare for me to catch him with anything close.

Sparring time: 6 x 3 rounds = 18 mins

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