Saturday, 11 December 2010

On the Mat Day 122: Omoplata

It was so cold tonight that my feet hurt then they just stopped getting any sensation at all. I think I will invest in a pair of sports socks with grips.

There were only a few folks tonight as usual for Friday. Me, Fuji and Yoshida to start. Later a guy called Teo came. He's a black belt Brazilian guy who lives over here. His pressure was pretty amazing and it was so hard to move or do anything against him. I guess he hardly got a work out from any of us. Every time he passed my guard I just felt like I was being crumpled up like an alumium can.

I did manage to get a spider guard sweet on Yoshida. One which uses the leg on the mat to sweep his single leg. I think its called a woodcutter sweep or something like that. He has lost like 10 kg and is now down from Leve to Pena weight. I was really shocked and impressed to see he was ripped now. Before he was quite podgy but in only a few months he just shed all this weight. The downside is that he is light and much easier to brush off when escaping. He told me that he cut most of the salt out of his diet to get his weight down so much. Jesus I would look skeletal at that weight.

Well, tonight was the last night before the competition on Sunday. Hopefully I can learn something from it which will make my jiu-jitsu better.

Sparring time: 6 x 6 mins = 36 mins

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