Sunday, 7 November 2010

On the Mat Day 114: Collar Chokes

There were a surprising amount of people at the dojo last night. I actually got some quality sparring in on a Friday night. I'm getting more confident standing. The judo guys who used to tool me around now have problems getting to grips with me. Now I know how to break grips and reverse it into my own sweeps or throws things have changed. With that comes confidence in standing. I asked some pointers about Tani-otoshi and K-sensei helped me by showing me some pointers where I was going wrong. Later I sparred with Yoshida and reversed his north south. I think he was so surprised that he asked me how I did it. Atsushi has an injury, a groin strain. Hmm that one seems to be doing the rounds. I can totally see how easy it is to get injured there doing BJJ. Especially if your opponent likes x-guard or you like to play bottom with heavy opponents.

At the end I asked who was going to the Rickson Gracie seminar next week. K-sensei and Yoshida are going. I was envious a bit because I want to go but it costs quite a bit of cash and right now with moving the house, christmas coming and my lowly blue belt status, I have decided not to go. Who knows, this may be the only chance I get to see him. Chance is that it will be full of black belts. I hear it is mostly about self-defence techniques which sounds cool to me.

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