Sunday, 17 October 2010

On the Mat Day 109: Breaking grips 2

I felt so good after the Chiro adjusted my neck I decided to go to the morning practice which I haven't been to for a long time. That money on the Chiro was so worth it, my body feels like it has had an oil change.

Anyway, I got to the gym just before start time but F-sensei, Yoshida and a new guy were sitting in the side room watching TV. F-sensei quickly ushered me in saying something about England. I then discovered that they were huddled around the TV watching Michael Bisping and Akiyama fight in London. They all seemed excited about the fight because it was a Japanese fighter in the UFC. I've noticed that the folks over here love to see their nationality give it their best in the Octagon but they usually aren't sore when they lose. After watching Akiyama fight we all moved to the dojo area and started training. I guess it was the morning workout but I was in a great mood. It's nice to train at a time where the sun is still up and the after you've done the workout, the rest of the day is ahead of you. I mentioned this at the end and they all agreed that they like training at this time. I will keep Sunday open for training from now.

I watched Yoshida who is a one-year blue spar with F-sensei and am always impressed at how hard his guard is to pass. I wish I could pin-point areas where people excel and copy them but I guess I am not that strategical yet. Because of the UFC on tv the session didn't go on for long unfortunately but it was a nice start to my Sunday.

Sparring time: 3 x 3 rounds = 18 mins

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