Sunday, 10 October 2010

On the Mat Day 107: Knee on the Belly

Friday is a hit or miss day for the number of people turning up. Sometimes you get tons of folks or like on the night I went, there were only a few. In fact it was only me and Kamiya-san who were training. We are both newly promoted blue belts so stand fairly even. K-sensei was back from Taiwan where he trained with Makoto. He mentioned that the folks over there trained while trying to eliminate the strength factor. Makoto promotes the use of technique and relaxation over strength. In our dojo, because a lot of guys have a base in judo, F-sensei seems to encourage the use of strength if you have it. I like how different dojos have a different philosophy. In principle I try to or want to use less strength during sparring but when you are on the defensive it is so hard to do. I sometimes catch myself tensing up too much and expending energy and force myself to relax. Usually, in cases like that I do better at escapes.

Sparring time: 6 x 6 rounds ~ 36 mins

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