Tuesday, 6 July 2010

On the mat day 82: Side triangle chokes

Last night had to be the best session so far. We were taught how to move into a side triangle position when the opponent is turtled. I have been side triangled and it is very uncomfortable so it was nice to see how the move is accomplished. I did actually use it once during sparring but found the sweat around my calves made it harder to close the triangle. Definately a cool move that I want to practice more of.

The class was basically full of white belts tonight but most of them are closing in on their blue belt (we have no stripes at our club). I think I held my own with Akira, who is getting really good, but he is sneaky at getting back to guard by using his long flexible legs. Atsushi is well, he is just too big and strong for me, plus he has been training far longer than me. I also sparred with Kensuke who I caught with an Ezekiel then an armbar later on. He is a strong kid and very aggressive. I have to be careful not to get injured each time. I was looking for the bicep slicer again but didn't find it. Mostly I tried to use the helicopter throw with some success.

I practiced with Michael on Sunday who will return to the UK at the end of this month. He is actually getting better at escaping from side control. We went over some jiu-jitsu stuff and then did a couple of rounds of striking mixed with takedown. These sessions are great for me to review stuff. There were a couple of guys in there with no-gi shorts and rash guards. Unfortunately, before I could ask them where they train, they had left.

It's a constant thing with me recently that the little voice in my head tells me to get lazy. It tells me about the humidity, the sleepless nights, the injuries and how tough training is going to be. I'm glad I ignored the little fucker last night and went training because I felt fantastic afterwards.

Total sparring time: 6 mins x 7 rounds = 42 minutes (in 80-90% humidity) :(

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