Thursday, 3 June 2010

On the Mat Day 77: Submission Escapes

I feel a million times better than I did yesterday because I went to class last night. It has been a very hard few months for me. What with injuries then moving this weekend to a house after leaving my apartment. Such times can be very stressful and BJJ was the right medicine.

We worked on kimura and armbar escapes. The kimura was familiar to me, protecting the hand by placing it on the knee and reeling it back with the other hand. We were shown numerous escapes for the armbar by stacking and also swinging the legs to move to a stack position from beneath. A lot of the moves seemed effective to me and so I enjoyed this lesson.

I have to admit I was gassing a bit during sparring. I've not been training regularly and I feel it. I was completely tooled by the instructor and Koyama-san who is off to the Mundials in LA today. Good Luck! I had mixed success with the other white belts. My problem seems to be that I do not have a strategy formulated in my head yet and feel that I am grasping at moves but the moment has passed after I see an opening. I'm continuing to work the bullfighter pass and always looking for half-guard but still not good at getting it.

On another note, a guy who has trained at the gym since I have been there decided to join sparring recently. For the past 6 months or so he has just been learning techniques with his kid. He is out of shape and lacks stamina but I was glad to see he has finally decided to join in where the real work starts. He asked me to spar for the first round. He's heavier than me and I could really feel how tense he was. Very new, very grasping at everything. Easy to sweep. I know I'm still at white but I just thought "Ah, so this is what people call spazzing." At times when I had side control or knee-on-belly he just lay there and I could see openings that he could have escaped but didn't. Later on I sparred with the sensei and felt that the roles were reversed. I had a sort of epiphany in which I could see myself through my teacher's eyes as I had seen the new guy. He didn't last the full 6 minutes so we stopped. I'm cool with that. Everyone has their limits. All that matters is that he participated and I thought, "great, good for him." My opinion of him improved. Later though, I was sitting talking to Akira and suddenly there was this huge ripping fart, like a farting explosion you get from lifting one cheek and really pushing it out. I was stunned and didn't say anything, Akira just hid his face in his sweaty towel. It was the new guy who had let rip and I was a bit disgusted. Respect gained the hard way and lost so easily. I had to move away, no way am I going to breath some other guys fecal matter.

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