Saturday, 15 May 2010

On the Mat Day 74: Bullfighter Pass

This was one of the passes that I have problems protecting against so it was great to finally officially go over this pass at the dojo. I've seen it so many times but never actually use it myself. We went through the variations of what to do when the opponent defends against it by pushing on the shoulder or then using the far leg to prevent the pass. It was a great lesson and me and Fuji-san the only ones there to begin with did many repetitions on only a few techniques which is what I prefer.

I sparred with Fuji-san (blue) and another guy (purple) who are much larger than me. I worked on getting half-guard and sweeping. I think I was successful on one occasion but both of these guys are black belts at judo and have a wicked osaekomi. Still I worked hard to create space and even got a butterfly sweep on Fuji-san. He is a very mild mannered guy, who on occassions stops to ask if I'm alright when he has fallen on me or something. I've noticed that he isn't particularly light on his feet but more of a tank-type build with lots of pressure. I felt good last night but the temperature dropped a bit so it was hard to get warmed up and stretched. My groin was playing up a bit today after sparring with such heavy guys.

I also sparred with a white belt who is slightly smaller than me and is out to get me, or so I thought. I can now relax while sparring with him and am able to see a lot of openings. I've also noticed that I have become more sensitive to my opponents pressure or lack thereof. I can tell much better which way to push them to lose their balance. I actually got a nice sweep on him because he was leaning too far forward in my guard and so I pulled him straight over me and rolled with it to end up in mount. I saw this in BJ Penns closed guard book. It's amazing what you can absorb just by looking at books and videos.

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