Saturday, 3 April 2010

One on One with Tony: Super Cardio

Got up this morning and didn't feel like working out. It is Saturday after all. Little muscle ache from the push ups yesterday too. I watered my zucchini plants, put my futon outside to air then went right to it. Super Cardio. I'm enjoying Tony Horton workouts because it's been a while. I guess it's like seeing an old friend again and working out with them. Memories come flooding back from when I did P90X full on. He looked really tired during the workout though.

I didn't go full of course. Again around 60%. Lots of jumping and I felt my left foot ache a little. The doctor on Tuesday after x-raying my foot showed me that the bone is still cracked. He told me not to skip rope or anything so I toned down the jumps during this workout, even picked up a medicine ball to add load at one time. The workout was ok but medicine ball cardio was better.

Stats for workout;

Calories burnt;376 kcals
Time;46 min
Time in zone:14 min
Avg pulse: 104
Max pulse:153

The BJJ competition in a month has really lit a fire under my arse. Whereas I would have stayed in bed today. I got up and worked out. Even if I get nowhere in the competition, at least it will have been a stimulus for me.

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