Thursday, 29 April 2010

On the Mat Day 71: Sparring Only

I arrived over an hour late tonight at class because I had to pick up my daughter from the hospital. I was seriously contemplating not going but I felt so stressed out that I just needed to go. When I got there they were studying single leg takedowns, something I would have liked to work on. I sparred for over an hour and the time just flew by. It felt good to really go at it again. Especially the first round with Akira who is entering the same class as me in the comp this Sunday. There is very little chance we will actually meet on the day but both of us still went for it. I have lots of problems finishing from a good position. I take too much time deciding on a submission that by the time I've thought of the right one for the situation, I've lost the position or the opponent has escaped.

I got a few moves tonight, gogoplata and kimura from a failed triangle. I really felt the pain when I got home though. My groin was not fully healed and it throbbed. Mostly the pain is emanating from my abs. I'm worried it is a hernia but don't feel anything like that around the area. After the competition I am definitely going to have some quality recovery time to let my body heal.

Total sparring: 6 rounds x 6 mins = 36 mins

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