Thursday, 14 January 2010

Day 44: Scissor Sweep

It had to have been the coldest day this winter. The dojo thermometer said 2 degrees celsius. Despite this I didn't feel so cold. I guess I'm getting used to it. There were more people there than I expected but still too few.

We studied scissor sweeps which I have been using lately. There were a few more that seemed complicated to me but it was good to practice them. I had 6 rolls tonight which is good for me. I still get pressed into the floor and must remember to keep going for underhooks. I also need to work on preventing guard passing a lot more. The first roll was with a small white belt guy with more time in it than me. I kicked me in the balls twice and kneed me in the jaw hard. It's all good though. After that I put on my groin guard and felt much safer. I use a mouth guard too of course and glad I had it in when his knee smacked into my face. Later I found out that he is a policeman. Another guy who is purple and quite regular is also a policeman. I've heard lots of foreigners come over to Japan and talk shit about the police here. There have been stories about people knicking their guns or how they are incompetent. I would definately not mess with Suzuki-san who is the purple belt and the white belt guy, although small, could handle himself I'm sure.

We had a laugh at the end round the kerosene heater and I drove home feeling all warm and happy. Still bathing my hands in cold/hot water. It seem to help.

I asked the guys about the Dynamite fight on New Years when Shinya Aoki flipped his opponent off as the guy lay on the floor with a broken arm. Apparently he didn't like the guy and was rude to him because his friend had the crap beaten out of him by the the guy with the broken arm in a separate match. It was basically revenge. Still very uncool though. The guy's upper arm bone got broken. That must take a long time to heal:(

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