Monday, 21 December 2009

Day 36: Throws!

This is the one lesson I've been waiting for because I am hopeless at throws but really want to improve them. I biked it to the dojo and was surprised to see quite a few people there for a lazy Sunday.

Fukuzumi-sensei got out the throw mat and I got all excited. We did seio-nage, which is the big judo throw over the shoulder. I was pretty crap at it because the guy kept sliding over my hip more than cleanly dropping over my shoulder. I have a perfect picture in my mind of the throw and he explained each point well but my body won't cooperate. We also did the same throw but dropping to the knees. I'm thinking about tying a bicycle inner tube to a fence and practising the footwork. It's what many judo players do over here. If I could only do a lesson of sambo, judo or wrestling a week I'd be happy. I may just go look around.

During sparring I got no submissions but managed to do a new takedown. The blue belt who I submitted last week twice was out for revenge and got me in side control, a heavy knee on belly and then mount. He tried to get the ezekiel choke on me which I did to him last week. He was obviously pissed off about that seeing that he wanted to return the favour. He shouldn't though. We are all team-mates, that's how I liked to think about it. I simply showed him a hole in his game of which I have many to work on.

After class I did about 10 minutes of bag work, just punching the crap out of it to burn a couple more calories. Felt good. The rest of the day I spent in my pajamas just lounging around at home. This next week I will be busy and Thursday will be my next lesson. 3 whole days without training will seem like an eternity. God knows my injuries need to heal so it's all good.

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