Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Day 63 - Rest Day

KenpoX plus last night followed by AbRipperX. I got up for an AM workout the day before for legs and back but didn't have time to do Abs after it so left it for the following day. It is so much easier to do Abs after Kenpo. Working the muscles with weights and then doing Abs is rough. But doing Abs after a cardio workout is not so bad at all.

Only 3 weeks left of muscle burning pain. I'm sleepy as hell because I've been staying up late and the heat is getting to me. This means my workouts suffer and I can't push as hard. I don't think I've particularly changed much from day 30 until now either so that is a psychological negative on my mind-set. I'm resigned to the fact that I need another 3 months to get into better shape around my abs, arms and legs.

I need another stimulus to pick me up for this last leg of the journey. Something like a new meat (I've been thinking about ostrich), a different type of protein, a new pair of trainers or shorts, I dunno - something like a reward. I'm going to change the last phase of the diet plan a little. Eat high carbs for the next 2 weeks then drop then for the last 2. And I mean really drop them to like 50 grams a day, cut sodium and try to get a much leaner look. My main concern right now is sleep. I need to promise myself to take an hour nap each day when Im off work and get 8 hours at night. Sometimes I wish I lived in the Victorian age where people slept at dusk and woke at dawn. Speaking of which, I recall a famous muscleman from that era called Eugen Sandow whose picture is at the top of this entry.

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