Friday, 5 June 2009

Body Mass Index

Ok so it's officially summer now. And how do I know this? what manner of aparatus do I use to decide the change of season? My wife found the first cockroach of the year in the bathroom. Give it a few months and one will no doubt plague my sleep by trying to crawl up my armpit as it did a few years ago. Mosquitoes are also buzzing around. Why is it they go for your ears with that annoying sound then when you turn on the light, you can never see them. It's like they are playing hide and seek with you-messing with your head.

I received the results of my complete medical test today, you know the one with the Barium . Everything looks good. Although, they apparently believe that I should eat better and take more exercise because my BMI is over 25. Complete rubbish! This annoying calculation must annoy all short muscular people, I've no doubt. Interestingly, I noticed that they marked me up for ketosis. This is a chemical process that occurs in the body when you diet and stop or cut down eating carbohydrates. Your liver converts fat to fatty acids for energy because the supply of glucose is limited. It's nice to have solid proof that my body is a fat burning machine right now. Other figures are in-lung capacity for most men is between 3000 to 4000 (this is when you expulse all air into a tube from your lungs) mine turns out to be 4260 - Thanks Power 90X!

The last few days I've been low on energy. Sunday I can have more carbs so cannot wait to pig myself out on bread and pizza Joking!

Plyometrics today was particularly brutal but as always I got through it after losing a bucketful of sweat. Oh it's getting humid here now. Expect me to collapse mid-summer season, having been turned into a pool of sodium liquification.

I'm still pushing play. Still going at it. The diet is good. I allow myself to wander sometimes. Eat a scone with tea but it ain't often.
I'm eating so clean and feeling much better. See photo below for what my evening meal looks like.

Now, how can I possibly not get lean and ripped from eating this stuff?

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