Sunday, 21 June 2009

Day 53 (dealing with illness)

One-on-one recovery was just what I needed. I'm still feeling under the weather. A mild cold with terrible sun burn after taking my son on a hike yesterday. I sometimes hate being a whitey. Just a hint of sunshine and my skin turns the shade of a cooked lobster.

I'm still pushing play. Did Core Synergistics today but took it easy. I'm all aches and pains but I won't let it get me down. I used to not train when I was sick but after listening to Tony on the recovery disc talking about the fact that you should try to do something on a sick day, well that gave me a kick-start.

The diet isn't going so well. It's not that I'm eating crap - not at all. It's just that I can't get enough protein. I'm sick of shakes and gnawing my way through tons of meat. Some days I just feel like not eating at all (Anorexic alert!). I've been looking in the mirror and thinking, "Shit, why don't I see more ab definition yet?" I know that I shouldn't do that because my success with P90X is measured by so much more than that. Inside I am getting stronger, healthier and more durable. Hell, my resting pulse has dropped 10 points to 46. That's pretty elite and something I would never have thought to attain at 37 years old.

Talking about protein. I had the best burger ever last night. Roo burgers - 100% kangaroo meat. So good, so healthy and at 200 yen each a steal compared to McDonalds crap. They were so good I may just have another for lunch today topped with egg-whites hmm.

Don't know what it is about Recovery weeks but I feel really lazy. Like I'm doing nothing. I suppose that's the point. There is no weight training and that makes my muscles confused. I always feel like I am getting weaker as well but really when I get back to the workout everything pops into place and I'm better than before. I think I need to learn to put on the brakes sometimes. So 4 weeks of hard spit and polish training then 1 more recovery and its over! What next? Another round? something special? I'm still thinking about that.

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