Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Day 49

Had a good workout yesterday. Got up again at 5.30 am and did Legs and Back then Abs. I've got it down routine now. Last weeks KenpoX just felt too easy and not much of a challenge. I used ankle weights too. So, this week I stepped it up a notch and tried KenpoX Plus in its place. Here are the stats for the workout according to my New Balance heart rate monitor.

Workout time 59 mins, average heart rate 117, in zone time 35 mins, 535 calories burnt.

KenpoX Plus
Workout time 42 mins, average heart rate 125, in zone time 32 mins, 394 calories burnt.

KenpoX wasn't particularly harder, but it was definately more energizing and fun. There was a lot more jumping and boxing-like movements to keep me happy and make it real.

From the stats, Plus has more bang for your money if you are short on time and want to improve your cardiovascular ability, but if you want to burn fat KenpoX is probably better. There is one move in Plus that made me almost vomit though. Not because I was working too hard either. Double Sword or something it's called where you turn continously. I was so dizzy I just felt ill so took it slow. Don't know why that move is in the workout because it wasn't hard to do either. Just really really nausea inducing.

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